I was hired to develop and manage the campaign revolving around the new customer-centric concept of direct communication for Google customer support in which the Deaf and Hard of Hearing people may contact directly through video conferencing system for customer and technology needs.

The campaign encompassed event, print, and digital efforts; grassroots, conferences, secondary and post-secondary, print media for conference handouts, drop-ins, billboards, and posters, and still and motion advertising via social media revolving the specific keywords.

My primary roles were as follows; campaign strategist, marketing consultant, and creative director/producer. I’ve had the privilege to work with the brains behind the partnership at Communication Service for the Deaf and Google Accessibility and with the finest deaf talents in the marketplace and with my partner, Adrean Mangiardi, of Mangiardi Films, LLC which I am also the creative producer and client’s point of contact.


A series of posts of content along with the still and motion advertisement that showcases the regular day in the life of Deaf people utilizing Google products and services with the ease of communication convenience. Consider using Influencers and Prominent Deaf individual, working-class Deaf people, and Deaf family that adequately represent the population.

Creative Brief, Story Concepts – upon approval of the Campaign Proposal, Script Development, Campaign Strategy & Planning, Messaging Plan, Still and motion picture production


Campaign Development & Roll Out
Still & Motion Photography

Customer Site/URL