Google ASL Support Campaign

THIS WAS A GREAT PROJECT I was hired to develop and manage the campaign revolving around the new customer-centric concept of direct communication for Google customer support in which the Deaf and Hard of Hearing people may contact directly through video conferencing system for customer and technology needs. The campaign encompassed event, print, and digital [...]

Google Support

THIS WAS A GREAT PROJECT This project was filled with wonderful and positive collaboration with talented individuals at Google, Connect Direct, and the cast and production crew. Google wanted a spot that portrayed Deaf people in the proper light where they are empowered to contact Google Support directly and be able to communicate in native [...]

Microsoft Answer Desk

CHALLENGING YET FUN PROJECT This was rather challenging of a project to start with given the stringent branding requirements and protocols we had to adhere to before we began anything beyond script conceptualization, however, with the talented individuals and positive collaboration, the motion piece was a huge success. The video garnered over 50,000 engagement across [...]

The Learning Center for the Deaf

INSPIRATIONAL AND REWARDING I was referred to work with a dedicated and passionate group at The Learning Center for the Deaf to produce a series of videos that adequately represent the agency that is also equally captivating. It was a rather inspiring and rewarding experience to capture the essence of the internationally-recognized, multi-service agency and [...]